Individual Work, Painting and Sketch, 2019- Now

I have a habitat of documenting my dreams. Most of the dreams happen and fade away during our sleep. Sometimes, if my dream lingers a little longer when I wake up, I write it down immediately. 

So far, I have collected 56 dreams between 2019-2022. When I revisit them by words, the scenes may get blurry, while the emotions and atmospheres embedded are still vivid, or even overwhelming. Dreams have different meanings for different people. Dreams may mean nothing to some people - just random brain activities playing back daytime stimulations. Dreams are revelations to the things that one are unwilling to admit for Sigmund Freud. Dreams are the fluid boundaries between reality and illusions of being a butterfly for Zhuangzi. For me, dreams are always authentic reflection of my desires and fears. In the darkness, where my logic fails, these crafty creatures of desire and fear find ways to trick my consciousness, and try to tell me something that should not be neglected. When looking back at these notes, they always make sense to me. They are my mysterious and dear messengers. When I acknowledge them, my dreams keep me on track during my days. 

This page is a collection of these dreams' profiles. I hope to draw one hundred dreams. 

#1 My cat got tumors. Sharp weapons. 201903

#2 My cat lost her tail when heavy books dropped. Lots of bleeding and panicking. 201905

#3 My cat got severely injured in a falling accident. I am so clumsy. Tried to call a uber but l lost the location. When I leave, x did not go with me. I worried, if my cat die, you will never know that I have ever had a cat. 20190907

#4 Someone left the door open. My cat turned into a giant caterpillar and ran away. I can never find her again. 20190915

#5 All my teeth were loose and started to fall apart. I begged in my dream: please tell me it is a dream. Then I woke up, realizing it is indeed a dream. 20200126

#6 War. 
I had a bad feeling about today.  We had to go to the field and exercise. They told me not to wear red dress, it attracts fires. I did it anyway, thinking that they are just being patriarchal. People with guns approached us. I ran into a building, got trapped. Tried to jump out of a window. Got shot in the back. Waiting for death. There was nothing I could do. 20200115


#7 Dream of 2020 04 05 - The Notebook -
Somehow my time can be re-lived and I will not have any memory of the previous round. So when I experienced my  life for the first time, you asked me to make sure  to take notes for everyday, as detailed as possible. Then when I get lost in time and need to start all over from the beginning, I could have a reference. A reference that contains all the causes and effects,  as a guide, for my actions. This can lead me back to the current life. You promised me that in this way, you would make sure the necessaries were done and then sent me to the future I was supposed to be. However, you found out that in that future, we didn't end up happily. You did not wish me sadness. So you decided to erase everything about you in my notebook, secretly.  And you told me everything except your own part. 

To be continued...