Fluid Interplay: Deep Space, Shallow Space

Individual Work, Installation, 2022 Fall, U of Washington 
Course project for Digital art and creative media 470 A Au 22: Sensing And Control Systems, Advisor: Esteban Agosin

This project aims to create a fluid interplay between spatial envelopes, time (sensors to capture the succession of light and shadow + bodily movement), and sound (sensory data of light recomposed in Arduino & Pure Data + transducers that convert the digital sound into vibration of the structure) via an immersive experience. 

As lighting conditions change and trigger various sounds, the perception of spatial depth thickens and collapses. As the body moves through the sculpture, the perception of spatial and sonic enclosure intensifies and dissolves.

The design of the structure explores the instability of perceptual depth due to changes of light and ambiguous threshold conditions due to movement and sound embrace. Time and space are cut out from the passage of perceptual events and are brought into forms via our embodied experience. By designing places that speak to this situational perceptual process and reveal its indeterminacy, we can empower the observer as an active subject and cultivate dynamic perceptual dialogues between the observers and environments.

It turns into an interactive instrument for multi-players.

Scale shift: This model is a 1:125 mock up for a full size outdoor landscape sculpture, aiming to register the succession of sunlight.

Control systems in PD