APR/ MAY.2022 Research Journal 
Reading Notes on David Seamon' s Life Takes Place

APR/ MAY 2022

Seamon's writing offers me a refreshing perspective to understand place-making process, especially the six place triad.
It deepened and diversified my understanding towards people's daily lived experiences and how they can serves as essential parts in place-making. Surprisingly, those are the elements often got neglected during design phases. We tend to consider the place as static, singular, and made-already concepts. While this book presents me with matrix of interwoven aspects of place, people, lived experience, events, environmental ensemble and time-space. His writing provides some qualitative measurements toward different types of place process and human-place interactions. They are so entangled together via the chains/nexus of events in daily life, making it a cohesive fabric that holds our beings.

Seamon, David. Life Takes Place: Phenomenology, Lifeworlds and Place Making. New York, NY: Routledge is an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, an Informa Business, 2018.: